Sudarsan V S Ranganathan

Graduate Student Researcher at University of California, Los Angeles (sudarsanvsr <a><t> ucla dot edu)

I am…

a coding and information theorist; a pursuer of real-world mathematical problems. I like problems that involve combinatorics, graph theory, algorithms, and analysis. I also like and enjoy teaching.


  • I am on the lookout for Postdoctoral positions starting January 2019 (or September 2018) in coding and information theory and machine learning applications that involve some analysis using probability theory and linear algebra.

  • I am applying for internship positions for Summer 2018 (June-September) in machine learning and artificial intelligence, particularly along the lines of applications of coding or information theory, probability, and algorithms. I know how to code (proficient) in C++, Python, and MATLAB.

  • I am also interested in full-time positions starting January 2019 in any of the above fields and communication systems (wired & wireless).

I'd love it if you reached out to me in case you feel that I fit your requirements for either of these positions in your company or your university.


Current position

Graduate Student Researcher (since August 2013) in Communication Systems Laboratory (CSL), UCLA
Advisor: Prof. Richard D. Wesel, Professor of Electrical Engineering, UCLA
Co-advisor: Prof. Dariush Divsalar (JPL, Caltech & UCLA)

Current research interests

  • High-throughput LDPC codes for incremental redundancy - theory and practice

  • High-throughput and low-complexity coding systems - theory and practice


Electrical Engineering Department
University of California, Los Angeles
56-125B Engineering IV Building
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA - 90095-1594
E-mail: sudarsanvsr <a><t> ucla <dot> edu


For an updated CV contact me via e-mail.