We have openings for postdocs in brain-machine interfaces, computational neuroscience, robotics, and machine learning. If interested, refer to this pdf to apply.

Recent News

2021 June: Congratulations to Peter Schuette, who received the UCLA Life Sciences Excellence in Research Award! He was selected from a pool of applicants from the entire Life Sciences division.

2021 May: We published three papers from our collaboration with the Adhikari Lab on studying escape and threat in the dorsal premammillary nucleus and dorsal periaqueductal gray. Congratulations to Peter, Johannes, and Jinhan, who co-led these studies.

2021 April: We received an NIH NINDS R01 to support work in developing simulators for brain-machine interfaces.

2020 Oct: We received a NIH Director's New Innovator Award. This award supports research into building next generation brain-machine interfaces.

2020 Sep: We received a NSF CAREER Award. This award supports research to model cortical computation with recurrent neural networks.

2020 Aug: We were selected for a Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Young Investigator Grant. This award supports research to find neural population representations of threat in the brainstem.