Recent News

2022 August: Congratulations to Drs. Peter Schuette and Ken-Fu Liang, who both graduated with their PhDs!

2022 March: Congratulations to Peter who was selected to receive the 2022 Samuel Eiduson Student Lecture Award.

2022 March: Congratulations to Jay who received an NIH NRSA. His initial submission was not discussed, but his resubmission was scored 1% (top 1% of applications).

2021 December: Congratulations to Michael Kleinman who was awarded a AWS-UCLA Science Hub fellowship.

2021 June: Congratulations to Peter Schuette, who received the UCLA Life Sciences Excellence in Research Award! He was selected from a pool of applicants from the entire Life Sciences division.

2021 May: We published three papers from our collaboration with the Adhikari Lab on studying escape and threat in the dorsal premammillary nucleus and dorsal periaqueductal gray. Congratulations to Peter, Johannes, and Jinhan, who co-led these studies.